I already made the decision to wait until marriage to have sex, but your article made it seem even more sensible to wait


Thanks for writing the article on waiting: "Waiting for the Proper Time." I'm 18 and I've already made the decision to wait to have sex before marriage, but this article provided encouragement and also made it seem more sensible to wait. People at college are asking me why I'm waiting, and now I can truly explain why. I've had to turn down several people already because I know God wants me to wait for the right person. It's hard and a spiritual battle for me, but it's nice to have some encouragement from somewhere.

This is a great web site and I'm going to continue to look through it some more. There's some great stuff here and all based on scripture.


Please do make use of the site. That is why it is there. In your studies, you might also be interested in the article "Why Sex Outside of Marriage is Wrong." If you run into questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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