Biblical Notes

The notes are a topical index to scriptures on various topics. If you have a list of passages on a topic, I'm always looking to expand what I have available here. If there is a passage overlooked in a topic, let me know. The intention is to provide a starter for sermons, short talks, or articles.

There are numerous topics covered on this website, and we invite you to browse our library.

Topic Tags

You can narrow down the list of answers by selecting a topic tag. Click the Tag's drop-down arrow and then click in the grey box at the top. Start typing the topic you are interested in and the list of topics will narrow down. When you find the topic you are interested in, click on it.

Search Within a Topic

The search will look through the titles and content of the current list of answers. If you are looking for a specific passage, put it in quotes, such as "Acts 2:38".


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