Do you have other studies for young adults?


Hello Mr. Hamilton,

I just wanted to personally thank you for loading your Bible studies and documents online so that young couples, such as me and my boyfriend, can access them. My boyfriend and I have really been on a strong track to strengthen both our relationship and our spiritual relationship with Christ. We have some sort of Bible study on designated topics every night now and I must say that we thoroughly enjoy them! Tonight we read your piece entitled, "Preparation for a Lifetime" and we had such a wonderful discussion and learned things that we did not know! I hope that God blesses you for spreading His word to young couples.

If you have any other links or articles that are available, could you please send that information to me? God bless and keep up the good work for the building of God's kingdom.


Click on any of the links on the website, such as Studies for Young Adults. There are over 8,200 pages of material on the website and it continues to grow. Since I don't know what topics are of particular interest to you at the moment, it would be better for you to browse, but I will recommend "The Greatest Love Song Written: A Study of the Song of Solomon"

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