Your answer to the man who slapped his pregnant wife was horrible


You have an answer on your La Vista Answers page to a husband who slapped his pregnant wife twice that goes on for three paragraphs about the wife being at fault. In the end, it casually mentions that violence isn't the answer, but that should have been at the top first and foremost. This is not the work of the Kingdom of God.


I note that you did not find the answer wrong, only that it wasn't presented in the way that you would have presented it. If you had read the question carefully, you will notice that the man admitted that he was wrong and that he was punished for it. I chose to help him understand why he lost control and then explain why his anger did not solve his problem. My goal was to convince him not to repeat the offense and that works best by starting with a gentle answer that he would be willing to listen to. I suspect an approach that started off running him into the ground would have caused him to stop reading with the first sentence. To say that his wife had done nothing wrong would have been a lie. His response to her sin was wrong and that is what he needed to understand and to be taught how to handle future problems in a better manner.

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