Would God throw me away because I’m mentally disabled?


I am disabled (Autism, SchizoAffective, and BiPolar Type 2) and on disability. Does that mean God isn't pleased with me? I know the verse "He who doesn't work ought not eat". I've been mulling this over a lot. My attitude toward it has been even though I don't work to earn money if anyone inquires about my help I'm more than willing to do so and to the best of my ability. I don't want God to throw me away. What should I do?


The command in II Thessalonians 3:10 is for those able to work but who choose not to work. It doesn't cover situations where someone is unable to work because of disabilities.

I don't know the extent of your disabilities, so I can't say whether there might be something you can do or not. I will say that getting out and doing something, even if it doesn't pay enough to live on or even pay at all, will generally do a man good. I have a young man who has a very mild form of autism (so not like your own). He was able to find employment and we also found him a group that specializes in helping autistic people find employment. There is a general page on this at Resources and Services for Adults with Autism.

Even if you can't find a paying job, I would suggest seeing if there are things you can volunteer to do on a regular basis. Getting out of the house and accomplishing tasks would help improve your mental outlook.

But back to your original question, God doesn't throw anyone away. He looks at your growth and your efforts. Put God always first in your life. Use the Bible as a guide to making decisions and you will do well.

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