Three Philosophies of Life

Text: Luke 10:25-37


I.         Luke 10:25-37

            A.        A lawyer, trying to test Jesus, asked him how to gain eternal life.

            B.        Jesus, as was his want, turned the question around and asked for his opinion first.

            C.        The response was to love God and to love his neighbor. To which Jesus agreed.

            D.        The lawyer didn’t have a problem with loving God, but obviously he felt uncomfortable with his past actions in loving his neighbor.

                        1.         To justify himself, he tried to narrow the definition of neighbor by asking Jesus to define “neighbor.”

                        2.         The parable of the Good Samaritan was Jesus’ answer.

            E.        Notice that three different philosophies of life towards those around us is given

II.        The Robbers - “What is thine is mine”

            A.        A robber practices the philosophy “might makes right.”

                        1.         Evidenced in our society

                                    a.         Car-jackings, armed robberies

                                    b.         What is yours is mine, if I can take it from you.

                                    c.         A characteristic of the wicked is brutality - II Timothy 3:3

                                    d.         Violence becomes a part of their nature -Proverbs 4:14-17

                        2.         II Kings 18:20 - Trust in strength and plans are empty words.

            B.        Money comes before your fellow man

                        1.         I Timothy 6:6-10 - Riches can be a snare

                        2.         Luke 12:16-21 - Physical riches cannot save, but many put their own well-being first.

            C.        The end justifies the means

                        1.         Needed revenue does not justify stealing.

                                    a.         Nor does it justify legalized gambling or legalized drug use

                        2.         The death of Jesus on the cross brought salvation to mankind

                                    a.         But it did not justify Judas’ betrayal of the Christ - Acts 1:16-20

                                    b.         It did not justify the Jew’s action - Acts 2:22-23

                        3.         You cannot do evil and have good result - Romans 3:8

III.       The Priest and the Levite - “What is mine is mine”

            A.        A philosophy of every man for himself. A common attitude of the religious class.

                        1.         II Timothy 3:2 - Lovers of themselves

            B.        Too busy in their own duties to get involved. They didn’t cause the man’s unfortunate circumstances. They felt no obligation or responsibility for the man’s welfare.

            C.        In other words, they neglected an opportunity to do good.

                        1.         James 4:17 - Delaying action results in sin

                        2.         James 2:13-16 - How can you have faith without doing good?

                        3.         I John 3:16-18 - If you ignore the poor, how can God’s love be in you?

                        4.         Galatians 6:10 - Do good to all men as the opportunity arises.

            D.        By their inaction, they have consented to a crime - Ezekiel 34:7-10

                        1.         Proverbs 21:13 - Your own sins will visit you.

IV.      The Samaritan - “What is mine is thine”

            A.        Do to others what you would have done to you - Matthew 7:12

            B.        The Samaritan took the time to help.

                        1.         He did not say “I just don’t have the time.”

            C.        He did not withhold is own goods, saying “I will need them later.”

                        1.         Nor did he say “I’m not adequately supplied.” He did something.

            D.        He did not wait for someone else to help.

            E.        He did not check out the character of the man to see if he was deserving of help.

                        1.         Even if it is your worse enemy - Romans 12:20

V.        Go and do likewise.

            A.        Do we only do good to those who are nice to us? Luke 6:32-36

            B.        James 2:24 - A man is justified by his works

            C.        Proverbs 14:21 - Have mercy on the poor

            D.        Micah 6:8 - You have been shown, what will you do with the lesson?

What Is Yours Is Mine

What Is Mine Is Mine

What Is Mine Is Yours

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