The Word of the Lord Endures Forever

by Terry Wane Benton

Photo by Chris Liu on Unsplash

A serious flaw in modern thinking is that you can dismiss the Bible as the authority on moral issues like adultery, fornication, homosexuality, drunkenness, etc. because the Bible has been corrupted and changed over the centuries. They make this argument, not because they looked at the evidence firsthand, and have seen the changes from century to century in the various manuscripts, copies, and translations, but because they heard someone make this claim, adopted it as valid, and passed that argument along. In other words, people pass along this argument without proving it. Where is evidence that these moral issues were approved, for example, in the 5th-century manuscripts, copies, and translations, but flipped in the 7th-century copies and translations based upon the cultural changes in the society? No such example can be shown. You should be able to show where the copies, and translations conformed to the morality of the local culture instead of challenging the local culture at any given time. But, you don't find these kinds of changes in the Bible.

Men of all times and cultures have always recognized that one thing that makes the Bible authoritative is the internal evidence that God has never conformed to man, but has always challenged men to repent and transform to His holy standard. Men must learn God and His holiness, love God and let His word work in them mightily. The Bible has in every age stood the same. No matter the language it is translated into, it never reverses the moral standard. Sin is sin in every age. Men must let it transform them from within. The word of God abides forever, and it will judge us on the last day (I Peter 1:25; John 12:48).

Have you been reading it for yourself?

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