Psalms 100

Text: Psalms 100


I.         There is a psalm which is specifically titled as one to be used for thanksgiving or during a thank offering, it is Psalms 100

II.        What you should do ...

            A.        Shout joyfully to the Lord

                        1.         Some things are not meant to be kept in - Psalms 32:11; 95:1-2; 98:4

                        2.         The wording here refers to the cheers that arise from a crowd when someone important in their lives appears.

                        3.         Interestingly, the Old Law invited all people to sing out with joy - Psalms 117:1-2

                        4.         Do you appreciate your salvation? - Romans 15:7-13

            B.        Serve the Lord with gladness

                        1.         Some times it is just hard to sit still

                        2.         Oh that we offer sacrifices of ourselves with thanksgiving - Psalms 107:21-22

                        3.         Such as a mark of God’s people - Acts 2:46-47

                        4.         Made to serve - Ephesians 2:10

                        5.         How sad that people follow the Lord because they have to.

            C.        Come before God with joyful singing

                        1.         The best thing to do is let Him know you appreciate what He has done

                        2.         When you are cheerful, sing - James 5:13

            D.        Know that the Lord Himself is God

                        1.         You need to know where you stand and with whom you stand. Joy is born of confidence, not uncertainty

                        2.         The knowledge of God fills the earth - Isaiah 11:9

                        3.         Things to be confident about:

                                    a.         That the Lord is God - Psalms 46:10; Deuteronomy 4:35; John 17:3

                                    b.         That God made us - Psalms 95:6; I Peter 4:19

                                    c.         That we are God’s people - Psalms 95:7; I Peter 2:9

                                    d.         That God cares for us - Isaiah 40:9-11

            E.        Enter His gates with thanksgiving

                        1.         Come before God with thanks on our lips - Psalm 116:17-19

            F.        Give thanks to Him

                        1.         In whatever we do give thanks to God - Colossians 3:17

                        2.         Offer the sacrifice of praise - Hebrews 13:15

            G.        Bless His name

                        1.         Sing to the Lord, bless His name - Psalms 96:2

                        2.         With all that is in me - Psalm 103:1-2

                        3.         I will bless You forever - Psalms 145:1-2

III.       Why we should do these things

            A.        Because the Lord is good

                        1.         God is good and ready to forgive - Psalms 86:5

                        2.         God is good and merciful - Psalm 106:1

                        3.         Every good gift comes from the Father - James 1:17

            B.        Because the Lord’s mercy is everlasting

                        1.         His mercy is on those who fear Him - Luke 1:50; Psalm 103:17

            C.        Because His faithfulness is to all generations

                        1.         His faithfulness reaches to the heavens - Psalm 85:10

                        2.         To be sung about - Psalm 89:1

                        3.         He keeps His covenants - Deuteronomy 7:9

                        4.         Jesus came to confirm those promises so we might give praise - Romans 15:8-9

IV.      Familiarity breeds complacency. We need a reminder every once in a while that this is the best place to be, among people who love the Lord so much that it bubbles out of them.

            A.        Many illnesses of the mind would diminish before the onslaught of joy in the presence of God - Philippians 4:6-7

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