It is hard to study for a profession whose code of ethics encourages the support of immoral behavior


Today, I ran across your web page concerning the errors of Catholicism. I believe in what you say because you provided scripture to support your claims. I greatly appreciate your site because it speaks the truth to people who need to know.

I am a young, educated, single, Christian woman, currently attending graduate school in Social Work. I often find myself struggling with Scripture -- for example, the great debate between Catholicism and Protestantism. I also struggle with my professional code of ethics as it encourages me to support things like gay marriage and abortion, both of which I feel are clearly condemned in the Bible. I chose Social Work so that I could live for the Lord, but I'm finding the expectations of my profession to be stifling and unbiblical. I have been a member of Baptist churches since I was saved by Jesus as a ten-year-old. My walk has been a little rough, though I've never left the church or turned my back on Him, despite increasing pressure from the world. I feel I'm now witnessing what it means to be truly separate from the world and its corruption, mainly because the distinction has never been clearer.

Lately, I've been questioning God to provide answers for me. I came across your page this morning, and I was filled with assurance and confirmation. Thank you for allowing me to read the truth through your page. Don't get me wrong -- I go to a wonderful, spirit-filled church, where I can ask these questions. It's just that sometimes you need other sources to work with you in support of the truth when you're not able to gain satisfaction through current knowledge. Thank you for being there for me.


I'm glad you found the site useful.

You are correct that some professions are difficult for a Christian to be involved in because those setting the standards for the profession are not interested in Christianity. But there is nothing in Social Work that requires the support of immoral behavior. I have a dear friend who is a social worker in another state, involved with troubled youth and foster care. She is also a solid Christian, so I know it is possible to be both. It also depends on the state as some states' social services take a strong humanistic approach. Consider looking for a job in the more conservative regions of the country.

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