Is the Holy Spirit telling not to write about magic?



So I have been struggling whether the Holy Spirit has been telling me to stop doing this or if it is my feelings playing tricks on me. There is this verse that said, “Do not practice magic.” I have you know, I love magic in literature and that I see nothing wrong with it. I even want to become a comic artist writing about stuff like that. I am not tempted to practice it in real life.

There were discussions on the web that called out magic in writing that really broke me in a way. But in Wikipedia on religious views on magic, they state that some Christians believe that magic in literature isn’t bad, and I totally agreed with that ... well, I want to agree with that. Later I was being imaginative about a magical story and then I felt a feeling of guilt that was short but still concerning. I became confused about whether or not it was the Holy Spirit or if it was all just my feelings playing tricks on me. I became scared because if I can’t enjoy magic in literature, then I can’t even write cool stories including them which impacted me a whole lot. Ever since I was little, even before I became a Christian, I always enjoyed watching stuff that has a cool magic vibe in them, but this present thought just really had me on the ropes. I searched for hours looking for an answer whether or not it is the Holy Spirit or just my mind playing tricks on me but still nothing.

What do you think? Is it the Holy Spirit or just me?


The Bible contains the words of the Holy Spirit. Nowhere does God ever indicate that He communicated with people through vague feelings. He tells people what they are to do or not do. But that time of direct communication came to an end (I Corinthians 13:8-10). Everyone is expected to read the Bible and learn what God wants them to do; thus, everyone is treated fairly and equally.

Therefore, if you want to know what God thinks about witchcraft and magic, look through His teachings. See Is Witchcraft Real? for a start. In regards to fantasy stories that contain magic elements, see What makes some fantasy stories wrong?

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