Is Witchcraft Real?

Text: I Samuel 28:3-14


I.         The Bible has much to say about witchcraft and none of it is good

            A.        It amazes me how many people attempt to blend forms of witchcraft with Christianity

            B.        I have had discussions with a woman who called herself a “White Witch.” As long as her powers were being used for the good of people, she believed there is nothing wrong with being a Christian and a Witch at the same time.

            C.        I have relatives on my mother’s side of the family who follow astrology. Yet, at the same time they call themselves Christians, being members of the Christian Church.

                        1.         They follow the stars for not only when to plant, but also when to have a child.

                        2.         Even when is the best time to potty train a child.

            D.        We have had presidents’ wives consulting mediums and astrologers.

            E.        Popular radio shows feature psychics ready to foretell your future.

            F.        You can go to many toy stores and pick up an “Ouji” board which is suppose to allow you to talk with spirits.

            G.        Is this for real?

II.        The most detailed list of witchcraft is found in Deuteronomy 18:9-12

            A.        The definitions of these practices are enlightening

                        1.         Makes his son or daughter pass through the fire

                                    a.         A reference to the idol worship of Molech, where a sacrificed something valued to get the god’s attention.

                        2.         Divination

                                    a.         Seeking after the will of the gods to learn their future actions or to gain divine blessing on a proposed action

                                    b.         An attempt to contact supernatural powers to answer questions hidden to humans.

                                    c.         Example, Ezekiel 21:21 where the king consults the liver of an animal to determine which direction to travel.

                        3.         Witchcraft

                                    a.         To cloud over or obscure sight. To act covertly

                        4.         Interprets omens

                                    a.         To hiss or whisper a spell

                                    b.         Learned by experience and diligent observation

                        5.         Sorcerer

                                    a.         To whisper a spell

                                    b.         To enchant or practice magic

                        6.         Casts a spell

                                    a.         To fascinate or charm

                        7.         Medium

                                    a.         One who asks the spirits of the dead for a fee

                                    b.         It comes from a word meaning to mumble into a bottle (producing a hollow sound) and is the same word used for a ventriloquist.

                        8.         Spiritist

                                    a.         One who conjures a ghost

                        9.         Calls up the dead

                                    a.         One who seeks or worships the dead

            B.        None of these definitions imply that the practitioner is actually able to do the things claimed. In fact, in many of the definitions there is a hint that these practices are based on various deceptions.

III.       The practitioner of witchcraft are amazed when faced with the power of God

            A.        Acts 8:9-13 - Simon had the people fooled until they saw God’s power. Even Simon was amazed at the real thing, to the point of becoming a Christian.

            B.        I Samuel 28:7-14 - Saul asked for Samuel to be summoned, but when the medium got exactly what was requested, she cried out in alarm.

                        1.         In order words, she didn’t normally get the real thing.

                        2.         She saw a spirit (divine being) coming up out of the ground. This was not normal!

                        3.         In other words, God intervened in this woman’s tricks to teach Saul a lesson.

            C.        Daniel 2:1-11 - Nebuchadnezzar showed that his “wise men” were but frauds for they did not truly know what they were talking about. However, Daniel, by the power of God, could answer the question - Daniel 2:26-28

            D.        Pharaoh’s magicians could not explain his dream, even knowing what it was - Genesis 41:1-16

IV.      The Bible tells us that witchcraft is ineffective

            A.        Isaiah 47:12-15 - The practitioners will not be able to save Israel, nor were they able.

            B.        II Corinthians 11:13-15 - Satan’s ministers are described as deceitful workers.

            C.        And no wonder, Satan is the father of lies - John 8:44

            D.        II Thessalonians 2:9-12 - Satan comes with deceitful, lying miracles

            E.        Satan doesn’t have real power.

                        1.         His power is only as much as God permits - Job 1:6-12

                        2.         He cannot overcome us if we resist - James 4:7

                        3.         Satan’s power is in deception

            F.        This doesn’t mean Satan is powerless. Deception alone has brought many low.

                        1.         He had the power to destroy Job’s fortune, his family, and his health.

                        2.         He had a woman who appeared to foretell the future - Acts 16:16-18

                                    a.         She even spoke some truth, but it is not like the real thing

                                    b.         It was a mimicry of the truth

V.        Our God is more powerful than all of Satan’s trickery - Romans 8:37-39

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