I Quit!

Text: Mark 10:35-45


I.         We’ve all seen people frustrated with a task. “I quit!” they yell as they storm off.

            A.        Funny thing ... Do you remember who it was? Neither does anyone else.

            B.        However, there are times I ought to quit.

                        1.         I can allow myself to get into a rut.

                        2.         I easily continue down the same path because it is familiar, even when I know the destination is not what I want

II.        I quit worrying

            A.        I know, we all want control over our future. We worry that things won’t work out as we want.

            B.        But I don’t control tomorrow - James 4:13-14

            C.        Therefore, I need to relax and trust that God knows what is best - Matthew 6:25-34

            D.        Commit yourself to God and things will work out - Proverbs 16:3

            E.        I’m getting old.

                        1.         This body doesn’t work as well as it used to. I can’t do the things I once did.

                        2.         There are things I want to accomplish, and yet, I realize that I won’t have time to get them all done.

III.       I quit focusing on myself

            A.        It is no longer I who live - Galatians 2:20

            B.        That is why Christ came and died - II Corinthians 5:15

            C.        Thus, I need to let go of my life in order to have life - Matthew 16:24-26

            D.        This was the problem James and John had - Mark 10:35-37

                        1.         It isn’t about the power you gain over others - Mark 10:42

                        2.         What Christ wants is our service - Mark 10:43-44

                        3.         That is the example he set for us - Mark 10:45

            E.        Have you considered how many sins start from pride? - Proverbs 16:18

                        1.         A thief doesn’t think about the person he robs. It is completely about getting what he wants.

                        2.         It is the key to addictive sins.

                        3.         The homosexual argues that it is what he wants, that he is driven to sex with the same gender because the other gender doesn’t thrill him.

                        4.         The drug addict is focused on escaping his problems, getting lost in a chemical high.

                        5.         I’ve lost track of the number of boys I try to help out pornography, but who slide back into it because of stress (I need an escape) or wanting the thrill.

IV.      I quit sin

            A.        Christians are to have died to sin - Romans 6:5-13

            B.        They have been crucified to the world - Galatians 6:14

            C.        More specifically, they have crucified the flesh - Galatians 5:24-25

            D.        No longer living for the lusts of men - I Peter 4:1-2

            E.        It doesn’t matter what the rest of the world thinks - I Peter 4:3-5

                        1.         Concerns about what others might think of us prevents us from changing

                        2.         Too often we have to go contrary to what our own loved-ones think - Matthew 10:34-38

V.        But look at what I gain from quitting - Matthew 10:39-40

            A.        Are you ready to quit?

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