by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Text: Psalm 90


I.         Yesterday only exists in fading memories, worn out photographs, and history books

            A.        It is a collection of, often times, imperfect records kept in imperfect medium

II.        Yet, it is also one of the finest learning centers available, if we are willing to go there to learn

            A.        Paul had the opportunity to teach the Philippians many things - Philippians 4:8-9

            B.        Opportunities arose that allowed the Philippians to repay Paul - Philippians 4:10

            C.        That opportunity reminded Paul that the past had taught him many things - Philippians 4:11-13

            D.        We can learn not only from our own experiences, but from others as well

                        1.         Learning from family - II Timothy 3:14-15

                        2.         Learning from faithful - II Timothy 2:2

                        3.         Learning from God’s Book - Romans 15:4

            E.        Unlike most of our recollections of yesterday, the Bible is maintained by the perfect God. It will not fade away - I Peter 1:23-25

III.       There is no living space in yesterday

            A.        You cannot stay there

            B.        We cannot even accurately recall it - Ecclesiastes 7:10

                        1.         Yesterday is too often larger than life

                        2.         What we remember and what truly happened are usually different

                                    a.         We only know what we experienced

                                    b.         Even then we emphasize some points and ignore others because that is our nature

                                    c.         Put a set of people in a room to observe and event. Each one will give a different account, even when each is being totally truthful.

                        3.         Yesterday, things happened to me, but my memories are selective

            C.        For some the memories of yesterday are pleasant, but for others it is a haunted house to be avoided

                        1.         Many have memories filled with regrets, mistakes, and failures that they would like to forget

                        2.         But the truth is that we don’t have control over what happens to us.

                        3.         We can only control our reaction to them - James 1:2-4

                        4.         Paul, himself, didn’t have pleasant memories of his past - Galatians 1:13-14

IV.      Still, yesterday doesn’t control our future

            A.        Some people have yesterdays of faithful service to God, but not today - I Timothy 1:18-20; Hebrews 6:4-6

            B.        Some, like Paul, had pasts of evil, but not today - I Timothy 1:13-16

            C.        We might have had good intentions in the past, but where are they today? - Acts 24:25

            D.        Perhaps there were plans for things we could have done, if only we had better circumstances, but are you doing with what you have? - Matthew 23:29-31

            E.        God’s standard is not yesterday, but today - Ezekiel 18:20-32

V.        Why should you die today?

            A.        Yesterday tells us how we arrived to the point where we are

            B.        Tomorrow is ahead of us and we don’t have to continue in the same direction - Luke 13:3

            C.        Make your soul spotless in the blood of the crucified Son of God - Roman 6:4-7

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