Where in the Bible can I learn more about dating?


Which books of the Bible would you recommend me to read when it comes to dating? I do not know how to deal or talk with girls at all. My ex told me that I do not know what I am doing when it comes to dating. I have not been taught by my parents. I believe parents these days do not teach their children enough. I have no true friends. Even Christians my age do not like me. Only the old people actually like me and care about me. I do not know what to do.


I use the first three chapters of the Song of Solomon and Proverbs 31 to teach about dating and the rest of Proverbs to teach about how to relate to other people, which dating is one aspect of relations.

Friendship and dating are topics that are easier to address in person where the give and take of conversation can tailor the information to your own situation. If you, or a group of Christians, want to come for a week of intensive study on this topic or if you would like me to come and teach on these things, you are welcome to contact me and make arrangements.

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