What should a boy who is being forced to stay with a girl do?


A boy and a girl were in a relationship. She got pregnant before marriage at an early age. They didn't want the baby and she aborted the baby. With the passage of time, they started fighting and had no understanding. She lied that she was again pregnant. But the boy came to realize that she was lying.

Due to so much fighting and seeing the real bad nature of the girl, the boy didn't want to marry or live with her. They broke up, but the girl is forcing him to stay with her. Due to the earlier pregnancy, she has complications, which can be cured, but the girl is not taking the medications regularly. The doctor has said that now this is a minor problem, but by making it a big issue the girl is forcing the boy to stay with her. The boy doesn't love her. He has gone to the doctor with her to be healed and not a single doctor has told them that she can't be cured. But she is not having a proper response to the treatment. She is not cured. He wants her to recover, but he doesn't want to live with her.

In this situation what should the boy do?


The girl is using the natural response of men to wish to rescue against this boy. She knows that if she has no problems, then the boy will leave, so she first staged a false pregnancy and when that did not work she is exaggerating a problem (which likely doesn't truly exist). To make sure, she doesn't take the medication that was prescribed.

If the boy wishes the girl to be cured, the best thing he can do is leave. He is not responsible for her, but staying is only causing her to draw out the problems. There is a possibility that she will try something more drastic, such as trying to commit suicide, to keep him around. Against this possibility, he should arrange for someone else to watch her, such as her parents or siblings. She is making her own decisions, for which he is not responsible.

In the same way, he is not being forced to stay. Nothing prevents him from leaving except his imagined fears due to her claims.

The problem came about because he was eager for sex without commitment. He wasn't careful about who he picked, so long as he got sex. The result was that he made a very poor choice. In the future, he needs to realize that God is right. Sex belongs only in marriage. "Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge" (Hebrews 13:4). And marriage is for a lifetime, so he needs to choose his partner carefully.

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