Thank you for your article “Lies Pornography Tells Men”


Thank you for the article "Lies Pornography Tells Men." It is so hard for women right now…and consequently men too in marriage. I wish this article was sharable. So many men don’t understand they actually need to talk to their wives, spend time with their wives, and not be a stranger to their wives in order to have a satisfying sex life and marriage. There is nothing harder for a woman than having sex with someone who is like a stranger because he doesn’t have time for her or care to interact with her. Women can’t suddenly “warm-up” when not receiving time and attention and emotional love. Men are feeling “rejected” when a woman doesn’t automatically jump them … like on TV. Enough resentment to go around.

As a divorced (scripturally) Christian woman, I really am scared to get married again because so many men are involved in the pornography industry (in the audience). This is an automatic fail for marriage in my opinion because of the unrealistic expectations set up and ultimate resentment it causes (from both men and women).

It is a huge problem. I think more education is in order and calling out men and women who use pornography. The first thing I would find out from a prospective husband is if pornography is in use. If it is, automatic rejection of that person. It is a train wreck for marriage.

Thank you. Please continue spreading this information.


I'm glad the article struck a chord with you.

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