Should a husband have a say in what his wife wears?


I read your response to someone asking about unmarried people touching and getting involved in foreplay. The response was very good, I think. Is there any real biblical evidence for women to cover their chests as the average guy does? Women seem to have less and less clothing on. It makes it difficult for the average guy, who is sight oriented. I don't think the average woman understands. Also, wives don't seem to think it's any of their husbands' business regarding how they dress. My wife claimed, "You're not my father." I thought, "No, I'm your husband -- big difference."

  1. Should women cover their chest (breasts) just as the average guy does?
  2. Does a husband have any right or say about his wife's level of revealing her body (chest or otherwise ) to the world?


The Bible does describe the exposing of a woman's chest as being naked (Ezekiel 16:7) and the purpose of clothing is to cover a person's nakedness.

Most wives think nothing of making clothing recommendations to their husbands. Husbands have just as much right to make recommendations to their wives. Each sex sees things the other does not notice. Respect for each other would demand that those recommendations be seriously considered.

When someone says, "You're not my father," it makes me wonder if she had been told the same things by her father. My response would be, "I'm glad to hear that your father and I agree about the matter."


Thank you, God bless!

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