Love versus Trust

by Terry Wane Benton

Jesus loved everyone, including the Pharisees, but Jesus did not entrust Himself to everyone He loved. Otherwise, He would not have exited their presence those several times they wanted to capture and kill Him. Dying was on Jesus’ schedule when the time and place were right. Therefore, He loved and wanted goodwill for them, but love and trust are not always the same.

I love my neighbors, but trust is another issue. I had one neighbor who asked me to go into his garage while he was away on vacation to get seeds to keep his birds fed. What he was doing was setting me up for a possible suspect. He hid his wife’s jewelry and called the police to report a theft so he could collect insurance. I was a possible suspect since there was no sign of forced entry, and I had a key the week they were gone. Later, his wife confessed to me privately that he was a scoundrel, that she knew we had not stolen from them, and that there was no missing jewelry. Needless to say, I learned that I could love both my neighbors while not trusting one of them. My name could have been tarnished for trusting that man had good motives in asking me to keep his birds fed.

You can love (have goodwill) for everyone, but that does not mean that love and trust are the same thing. Beware of false teachers! You can’t trust everyone! You have to keep people in proper perspective. Not everyone has good motives and intentions! Some have terrible motives and intentions. Be careful and discerning while holding goodwill toward all!

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