Is Romans 8:35 about our love for Christ or Christ’s love for us?



I am going over some studies on the Perseverance of the Saints. I came across one site that stated Romans 8:35 was talking of our love for God and not His love for us.

Do you have any insights on this?



In the Greek text, "from the love of Christ" (apo tes agapes tou Christou) is in the genitive and singular forms for each word. It shows that the phrase is a singular item -- it is Christ's love that is under discussion. "Us" (hemas) is accusative, first-person, and plural. The accusative is the direct object of the statement, it is what is receiving the action of the verb ("separate"). "Who" is in the nominative form. It is what is causing the action. Thus, the question being asked is who (or what) is able to separate us from Christ's love.


Thank you.

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