Is It Circular Reasoning to Use the Bible to Prove God Gave It?

 by Terry Wane Benton

No! It might be circular if it was all written at one time. But we can demonstrate that the Old Testament was completed long before Jesus came. Therefore we get to consider the prophecies and how Jesus fulfilled them.

The New Testament is eyewitness testimony of Jesus written when unbelievers should have been able to expose the whole following by merely preserving and producing the dead man’s body. The empty tomb, missing body, and strength of the eyewitness testimony to His resurrection along with hundreds of prophecies combine to make a powerful case for the Bible being what it claims, the inspired word of God.

As Peter said, “We have the prophetic word made more sure” (II Peter 1:16-19).

Circular reasoning is like what atheists do in using fossils to date the rocks and the rocks to date the fossils. Listening to 40 different witnesses over 1500 years and finding unity of testimony in the record is simply evaluating the strength of testimony. That is not circular reasoning at all!

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