How is the church of Christ’s view of baptism different from the denominations?



I recently came across a YouTube comment about baptism that puzzled me a bit:

"It's also important to know the church of Christ view of baptismal salvation is different from every other view; that of the Lutherans, Anglicans, Catholics or Orthodox."

Is this a correct assessment? If so, how is the church of Christ's position different? I had not heard this before.

Thank you!


There is no "church of Christ" position. The churches of Christ follow what can be determined from the Bible. So the question should be about what the Bible teaches and not who teaches it.

Lutherans believe that baptism is important but not essential to salvation. While they say that at baptism a person is regenerated and receives salvation, they also say that people would not be denied salvation if they don't have an opportunity to be baptized. Baptisms in the Lutheran church are done by sprinkling or pouring water on the person. Infant baptism is practiced.

Anglicans believe that while baptism is administered by people, it is Christ who actually baptizes a person. They see it as a sign of regeneration and the point at which forgiveness is received. Since they believe children are born in a sinful state, they baptize infants and note that it helps retain these children in the Anglican Church. ["Holy Baptism," Anglican Compass]. "The Physical symbols in Anglican baptism are: cross, water and candle; and the baptismal service is conducted at the western door where the Font for storing water is located. The officiating minister makes a sign of the cross on the forehead of the baptismal candidate ..." [Lawrence Olabode Ekundayo, "The Practice Of Baptism And Its Justification In Anglican Church", IOSR Journal Of Humanities And Social Science, Volume 21, Issue 4, 2016 Apr, p. 32-38]. While immersion is possible, it is generally not practiced. Pouring is most commonly used. Sprinkling is used if the person is infirmed.

Roman Catholics "water baptism is the first sacrament and gives access to the other required sacraments. It is also the act that forgives sins, grants spiritual rebirth, and makes one a member of the church" [Catechism of the Catholic Church]. They practice infant baptism because they believe at that point sins are forgiven, both personal and original sins. "In most cases, the parish priest or deacon administers the sacrament, anointing the person being baptized with oils, and pouring blessed water over the child or adult’s head not just once but three times." ["The Catholic Sacrament of Baptism"].

The Orthodox Church also baptizes infants and adults, but it is done by immersing the person three times, once each for the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Baptism by pouring or sprinkling is only done in rare circumstances. The Orthodox Church sees baptism as a spiritual transformation of a person and is required before a person can call themselves a Christian.

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