How do I convert my Hindu girlfriend?


Hello sir,

I have this question -- it is more like a problem. I started dating this girl, but she's of a different religion (Hindu). I am a Christian. I like this girl. What should I do? How do I convert her to Christianity?

Please respond to me.


Teaching anyone to become a Christian begins by teaching them what God says in the Bible. "So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ" (Romans 10:17).

Hinduism believes in multiple gods, so they are willing to follow customs for a particular god. In a Hindu's mind, the Christian God is just one of many gods. They are willing to follow the practices that please this god while they continue to accept their other gods. Thus, rushing to baptism would be worthless because it won't necessarily be based on belief in the Scriptures, which teach that there is only one God.

Here, then, is where you need to start -- a discussion about the fact that there is only one Creator and God.

Many people are willing to compromise their faith enough to marry someone who does not believe the same as they do. Often things go somewhat well. He goes to his worship and she goes to hers. Then children come along. Now neither wish to compromise when it comes to the future of the children. Arguments ensue where one parent undermines the teachings of the other parent. Children raised in a home where the parents do not agree about religion are very likely to decide against all religion when they grow up.

The reason for dating a person is to find a suitable mate for marriage. The reason for marrying a person is to find a lifetime companion to whom you are committed (Genesis 2:18). Marry someone you can share your whole life with. Thus, I would suggest waiting until you see if she is willing to become a Christian before getting serious.



We have only started dating, she’s 19 and I’m 22, so we have quite some time until marriage. I have told her I’m Christian and she has told me she’s a Hindu. How do I proceed to tell her about Christianity, without it being forced? And also what do you mean by “getting serious”?


By "getting serious" I mean that you are thinking about asking her to marry you.

Simply ask her what Hindus believe and then ask her why she believes those things.

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