by Joe Fitch

Flee also youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart” (II Timothy 2:22) Paul reminds and warns young Timothy of the danger in youthful lusts. Not all youthful lusts are sexual, but surely sexual lusts are included — maybe top of the list — posing a grave danger in youth. Sexual lusts are not exclusively youth’s problem; some never outgrow these problems – they cultivate them. For all of any age who are threatened by the hormones and youthful lusts, some reminders:

You need to know hormones have no brains. Do not expect them to think. Often glands are in control — and disaster follows. God designed an organ between the ears to think – not the glands. Following advice from hormones is never, ever a smart move; it is usually just a plain “move’ on some attractive person. Rational moments follow later, identified by regrets, apologies, laments – “What a dumb thing!” But the glands kick back in, the fever returns, and good sense is swallowed by hormones. And like the wine drinker: “When shall I awake? I may seek it yet again” (Proverbs 23:35) Listening to hormones ruins your life – just ask King David! Hormones needlessly expose you to diseases that terrify any rational person. Hormones led you to places that scare a thinking person to death. Hormones involve you with an old gang – drugs, booze, violence – no smart person goes near. But then hormones are brainless – and people guided by them make no smart move either!

You need to know: hormones have no morals – no principles – no restraints. It is: get naked; get degraded; get sinful. Hormones could not care less! And just how far will hormones take you? Apparently anywhere! No qualification for sexual gratification. The only concern of hormones is gratification.

You need to know: hormones have no shame – just appetites. Hormones compel you to do what your sense of decency could never imagine.

You need to know: hormones are selfish – with no consideration for you or anyone else. Hormones chart a course where you harm your sexual partner, sin against your own body, disgrace your family, break your parents’ heart, destroy self-respect, wreck your life. “No matter” cries hormones. “I want!”

You need to know: hormones have no sense of timing. “Wait” is unintelligible to hormones – not in the vocabulary. There is a proper time to satisfy those urges, but not the first date – nor second – nor tenth – nor any date before the wedding date. Hormones protest, “Can’t wait!” Hormones know only “now” and “tonight.” If getting to bed before the wedding cannot be arranged, then hormones will rush the wedding, no matter that disaster is the obvious ad eventual disaster.

You need to know: hormones have no heart. Love words and endearments are mouthed, but they are just tactics — strategy — lies. Hormones are often confused with love (treasuring, sense of value) or even with affection (liking). Hormones are something else entirely! They rush to bed with someone they neither love nor like. It is plain lust — no heart.

You need to know: hormones are powerful. Of the forces working in our lives, few compare with hormones. Nothing much conquers them. Stir up and toy with hormones; certain disaster follows. It is like agitating a grizzly bear – you are sure to get clawed and chewed up! Many stoke youthful fires – set on fire of hell – expecting to escape unscathed. Not likely!! Managed carefully, youthful lusts can be controlled. However, once stirred up and set loose, who can shut them down before the disaster?

Flee youthful lusts” – good ancient advice with a special modern application. Smart move.

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