How do I find a godly man?


I Corinthians 7:9 says it’s better to marry than to burn, but what if I can’t find anyone willing to build a godly marriage and abstain from premarital sex?

I’m a 26-year-old woman and I have been faithful in respecting my body and God’s commandments. I’m still a virgin and haven’t fallen prey to sexual immorality. 

I have a college degree and a great career, and I’ve had the privilege of visiting the different church of Christ congregations throughout the country. I go to every social event and Bible study that I can. 

But I still haven’t been able to find anyone willing to wait until marriage, and that includes men inside the church and outside. I’ve been going to God in prayer and asking others to pray as well. I just want a godly marriage.


That has long been a problem. The widespread acceptance of fornication by the world has made finding people who put God's laws first difficult to find. I personally know four young men (two in this country and two in other countries) who are looking for godly women to marry.

There are a few yearly gatherings of young adults sponsored by members of the church and done with the hopes of increasing the odds of young men and women of like interests finding each other. There are others holding group Bible studies for young people.

I've long toyed with the idea of a dating site for Christians where those on it are vetted by elders and preachers in their local congregations, but the logistics of maintaining such a site is daunting.

For right now, don't give up. Expand your network of friends and be open in telling them that you are looking to get married to the right man.

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