More Purposes Found for So-Called Junk DNA

Source: "Caltech Finds Amazing Role for Noncoding DNA," Evolutionary News, 3 December 2021.

"Scientists at Caltech may have sounded the final death knell for the “junk DNA” myth."

For years evolutionists have pointed to sections of the DNA and RNA strands that are not directly involved in the encoding of proteins as leftovers produced as organisms evolved. But as time marched on, scientists have been finding more reasons why these extra DNA and RNA sequences are needed.

Caltech's study found that these non-coding RNA sequences (ncRNA) work to organize the cell so other tasks are accomplished more efficiently.

  • They create compartments where related tasks are done.
  • They communicate with other parts of the cell
  • They pull in proteins needed for tasks to be accomplished

Thus, the sequences are not junk at all but are critical programs for organizing cell tasks.

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