Your points are concise, plausible, and substantiated by the Scriptures


I wanted to say thank you, at least for the two articles of yours I have read so far. I have been raised in what I would presume would be considered a "moderate" congregation of the church. I have some family members that attend a more "conservative" congregation. For the record, I have a hard time using those phrases as I think common use of them creates division, not unity.

I am currently studying deeply about two of the most common issues that cause problems: church finances and eating. While I find it somewhat embarrassing that the church is divided over eating, I don't find it surprising given it was happening in the first century. I have been searching for articles from both viewpoints for uses of scripture and illustrations and find it very tedious as most authors on both sides use far-reaching analogies to support their viewpoints and Scriptures that I feel might need to be bent pretty hard to fit the point. However, so far, I have found your points on the matters to be concise, plausible, and substantiated with Scriptures that do not need to be stretched to fit. The analogies you use are not hyperbole, creating annoyances for the listener, they are practical and within the lines of the point. While I don't agree with every point I have read, I can honestly say I am seeing some things that need to be seriously evaluated and likely changed in the congregation I attend.

Thank you for posting these articles and sermons. I look forward to reading some more.


I'm glad you found the articles and sermons useful in your studies. Even better, I'm happy to hear that they gave you points to think about.

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