Your article on being born again and salvation really helped in a discussion with Jehovah’s Witnesses



I find your website very biblically based and am happy to see it up here. I looked up to find an answer about being born again and being saved because I am discussing this issue with some Jehovah's Witnesses and they believe that one needs to be saved but not born again. I was raised with the belief that they were interchangeable. I found your article very helpful and just kept reading your other articles. Do you have these in a book I could buy somewhere to have on hand always?

God bless and keep up the wonderful work.


I'm glad you are finding the website useful. I haven't put the information into book form since it is being updated daily. I guess I could do a "best of" for each year, but I really don't know when I would find the time. As it is I'm not keeping up with the questions that come in each day.

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