What made you want to preach?


What made you decide to become a preacher? Some people talk about feeling called when they discovered that they wanted to preach, and some people just decide to do it.  What made you want to preach?


The decision to preach is one I arrived at when I was 16. It was born out of my love for the Bible and my love to teach. From that point, each decision I made about my career revolved around that first choice. For example, my grandfather was a preacher, and knowing that income for a preacher can be unsteady, I looked at what I could do that would allow me both the flexibility to preach and flexibility in choosing where I would live. My skills were best in computers and biology. I thought about the medical field for a while but decided a doctor's hours would interfere with preaching too often. I selected working for a large company that had many locations where the church was weak and in need of preachers. I purposely selected assignments to go to these areas. I eventually left the secular job when it began interfering with my ability to preach. I still use my computer skills as a backup when funds become an issue, but I remain focused on preaching full-time.

I can't really say that I stopped to consider why I decided to preach over other jobs. I love what I do and never regretted the choice.

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