What if the site I write for also advertises gambling?


I write for a sports website which advertises a betting company on its homepage and also at the bottom of every article (including the ones that I write). I really enjoy my job but am concerned that whether working for a company that promotes gambling (indeed the betting company helps to indirectly pay part of my wages) would be considered sinful?

Please advise me as to what I should do - should I quit my job altogether for example?

Thanks for the help, your website has already been very helpful to me.


In a sense, you are being hired to write articles. What is done with those articles is pretty much out of your control and what outfits the company that purchases your articles chooses to accept as advertisers are also out of your control. So I won't call this sinful but does make things difficult as far as the example you want to leave for others. I suppose you would find it hard to get an article published on why gambling in sports is wrong.

What I would suggest doing is start scouting out other places to sell your articles. Find sites that have a better advertising policy and see if they need a sports writer. Hopefully, it won't take you long to land a better position.

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