What does a woman do when the Christian men around seem more interested in non-Christian women?


Your site is nice and good for learning for the Christians. You are doing a good job. May the Lord strengthen you to do more.

I am very happy to come across your web site while I was searching for a hymn, "God Give Us Christian Homes," and I have read some of the questions and answer there. They are good for learning and this makes me want to also ask some questions.

I have long been waiting to get a husband from the fold, that is the church, but the brothers in the Lord keep going out of the fold to get wives for themselves.

Also, if a sister should get married to an unbeliever, then it means that she will not be able to serve God by worshiping in the way the Lord has laid down for us Christians.

So what will be the fate of the sisters in the Lord to get married in the fold when all the brothers now take pleasure in getting their life partner outside the fold?

Also, I've found in some sites that it is good for a woman to get married early, say at 28, to have healthy children and also getting married late decreases the chance of women getting pregnant.

What should the sisters do when the brothers are not ready for marriage?


While being married to a non-Christian often makes it more difficult for a Christian woman to remain faithful, there is no requirement that Christians -- male or female -- must only marry a Christian. There are several passages that deal with a Christian married to a non-Christian (I Corinthians 7:12-16; I Peter 3:1-2).

Nor is there a requirement that a woman must wait for a man to take notice of her first. An example would be Ruth who first attracted the attention of Boaz before he decided that he wanted to marry her.

There is no set age for when Christians may marry once they have left home. There is an increase in risky pregnancies start when a woman is over 40. But 28 is not considered early in most cultures. The average age in American culture is about 27 right now, but it has only recently risen to that age. For centuries it was about 21.

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