I found an answer to a question that had eluded me for 40 years. Thank you


I am a member of the New Testament church. I was looking for ideas for an adult class project when I came across your web site. I kept wandering to the questions and answers page, and in the January 2009 list, I found an answer that has eluded me for 40 years. I feel like one of the Israelites coming to the Promised Land after 40 years in the Wilderness! I cannot tell you the relief I feel in the answer I found. Thank you, too, for your straightforward handling of difficult questions. May God bless you.


I'm glad you found what you were looking for. One of the reasons for posting the questions and answers is the realization that if one person has a question there are probably thousands of others wanting to know the same thing, but who never get around to asking.

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