What do you say when someone comes out of the closet?



What should a Christian do if someone they love comes out of the closet? I had a close friend whom we haven't talked to in person in about a year, and she recently came out of the closet. What do I say? How can I help, other than prayer?


I assume you are talking about someone announcing that they are homosexual and not that they had been playing hide-and-seek with the kids. It is amazing how intimidated we get by certain issues that we can't even state what is happening in clear terms.

What do you say to the friend who admits he cheated on the final exam but is glad he passed the course? What do you say when your friend giggly announces she moved in with her boyfriend last week? Why treat homosexuality any different from any other sin?

Why not say: "I'm so sorry to hear that. Let me know when you are ready to come out of sin and serve the Lord"? Removing the stigma of sin doesn't encourage people to make the changes necessary to improve their lives.

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