What can I do? I am new to this country and my husband is seeing another woman


My problem seems to be really big for me. My husband doesn't care about our marriage, but I want it. He wants me to leave, but it is impossible for me to leave as I have been in this country for a few months and I don't know my way around.

I left my country, my parents, friends, and everything back home to join him and he is seeing another woman.

I am confused. I sometimes feel that this whole thing will one day turn him and his parents to the Lord. I don't know what to do. Things are getting very hard for me as he openly goes to meet this woman. I have tried talking to him about working out this marriage, but he simply tells me that everything has died down. I am only waiting on the Lord to restore my family and bring back love and peace in my life. Can it be possible for the Lord to turn this impossible situation into something good? At times I get so discouraged that I even give up believing that it will work out, but even then what can I do except take it all as I still love my husband very much. I have no job right now and I am totally lost. My self-esteem is badly lowered and I feel worthless. Please pray for me and if you can, please advise me as to what to do.


Well, if you continue to do nothing, nothing will change. See the sermon outline, "When Good Men Do Nothing." Your husband is taking advantage of your situation to do as he pleases. To argue that if you do nothing then somehow your husband and his parents will change is a falsehood. Good does not come about by doing evil (Romans 3:8). And by not taking a stand against this evil, you are allowing it to continue.

Take your stand against evil first, it might just shock your husband enough to get him to leave his sins. But whether he does or not, at least you know you stood for the right. Look in the phone book and contact the nearest women's shelter. Explain your situation to them and ask if they have some means to help. I assume you are in the United States, and I don't know under what kind of visa you might have entered. It is possible that by divorcing your husband (which is likely to happen) you might lose your visa. If that is the case, you will have to resolve yourself to return to your home country.

If your stance does bring your husband back to righteousness, then when he repents you can remarry him (I Corinthians 7:10-11). If he refuses to change, then you have the option of finding another spouse (Matthew 19:9).

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