What are your thoughts on the International Baptist Convention?



I hope you are well. I intend to visit a church that is under the International Baptist Convention. May I ask you what is your opinion on the International Baptist Convention?



The International Baptist Convention started out as an organization of Baptist Churches that served U.S. military personnel in Europe. The group has since expanded into other regions, though it is currently relatively small. It is in partnership with a number of other Baptist organizations.

Like other denominations, it is organized wrong by having churches band together to make decisions for the group.

It holds a more conservative flavor of typical Baptist doctrines. While it believes baptism is the point when a person moves from his old life to a new life, they avoid stating that a person is saved at the point of baptism (I Peter 3:21) and instead states that it is a part of the ongoing development of a Christian. It holds to the partaking of the Lord's Supper but avoids saying how often it is taken. (Many Baptists only partake once a month.) Their documents don't mention issues, such as "once saved, always saved" or "original sin" so I would assume that they follow the typical Baptist acceptance of these ideas.


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