What Are Mothers Made Of?

Text: Proverbs 31:27-30


I.         To prepare the children for making a sweet Mothers Day card, the elementary school teacher asked her class some questions that she thought would cause them to appreciate their mom’s more, then they could think of something sweet to write when it came time to make their cards.

            A.        “What are some ingredients that mothers made of?”

                        1.         God makes mothers out of clouds and angel hair and everything nice in the world… and one dab of mean. (Debbie, age 5)

                        2.         What are some ingredients that mothers are made of? They had to get their start from men’s bones. Then they mostly used string and duct-tape. I think. (Jeffery, age 6)

            B.        “What kind of little girl was your Mom?”

                        1.         My Mom has always been my Mom… and none of that other stuff. (Luke age 6)

                        2.         I don’t know because I wasn’t there, but my guess would be pretty bossy. (Sarah, age 7)

                        3.         They say she used to be nice. (Greg, age 5)

            C.        Not getting the results she was looking for, she added another question: “Why do you love your mom?”

                        1.         “I love my mom because she let me get a dog and then she let me sleep with it. I hope she lives forever.” (Aden, Age 8)

                        2.          “My mama is the best mama in the world. She lets me share the chocolates in her lamp table drawer. She reads to me, and we sit on the porch swing together.” (Brianna, Age 6)

                        3.         “I love my mom cause she lets me read my book under the covers with a flashlight and gives me lots of chances to pick up my toys.” (Ethan, Age 7)

                        4.         “My Mom – Nice, beautiful and pretty as a butterfly. That’s my mom. Clever as a whale, warm as a fuzzy bear. That’s my mom. Soft as a pillow. She laughs like an angel. That’s my mom. Caring, cool, and clever. She’s the best! That’s my mom!” (Jonathan, Age 8)

II.        The Bible has many references to women who show, in part, the nature of motherhood:

            A.        There is the picture of Jochobed: who cared so much for her son Moses, that she broke the law to keep him safe and teach him the faith of God - (Exodus 2:1-3, 9)

            B.        There is the picture of the mother who appeared before King Solomon, who loved her child so much, that she was willing to give him up forever, rather than see any harm come to him - (I Kings 3:16-27)

            C.        There was the mother of James and John, who loved her boys so much, that she wanted them, not herself, to sit at Lord's side, one on the right and one on the left, in the Kingdom - (Matthew 20:21)

            D.        The pictures that the Bible paints of mothers are not always perfect, but it is a practical picture because we learn valuable lessons from their example.

III.       The Power of Her Influence

            A.        There is little that compares with the influence of a mother.

                        1.         The influences of politics, education, and peers, all are lacking when compared to the influence of a mother.

                        2.         Of all the roles assigned on earth few are as important as the role of a mother.

                                    a.         “The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”

                        3.         Wise men have always realized the big part women played in their lives. It’s sad that some men do not respect good and godly women as they should.

                        4.         To think poorly of womanhood, is to think poorly of mankind in general, because it is through woman that humanity has been built - I Corinthians 11:11-12

            B.        Titus 2:3-5 - Paul is not telling:

                        1.         That a successful woman is one who is a business owner or executive,

                        2.         He is not telling women that they need to become a socialite

                        3.         Or how to be a good employee at work,

                        4.         Or how to be loved and adored by everyone in the world.

                        5.         But he is telling us what makes for a godly wife and mother so that “Word of God blasphemed, or reproached.”

            C.        The woman’s power is her influence in the home. It is the woman’s power to shape lives - I Timothy 2:15

            D.        I Peter 3:1-4 - Peter tells women

                        1.         When you get up in the morning thinking about what you are going to wear for the day; remember: “Your beauty should not come merely from outward adornment”

                        2.         More important is your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit

                                    a.         Without inner beauty, any outward beauty is “as a ring of gold in a swine's snout” - Proverbs 11:22

                                    b.         “Beauty comes from the inside out”

                                    c.         Too many young people think they are nothing because they have never been taught their true beauty is their inward beauty!

            E.        II Timothy 1:2-5

                        1.         It was Timothy's mother and grandmother who influenced his life for God so much. How?

                                    a.         Timothy’s genuine faith came to him from his mother and grandmother.

                                    b.         Paul saw Timothy as a man of potential: strong in doctrine, strong in faith, one who could stand as a man of God: fearlessness, and with the power of love, and a sound mind - II Timothy 1:7

                        2.         It came from Timothy’s mother and grandmother.

                        3.         They left Timothy a legacy to be remembered.

                                    a.         What memories will your children and grandchildren carry of you?

                                    b.         Will they remember your faith? A faith that is put into practice every day? Not just on Sunday, but in good times and bad. A faith that is relentless and will not falter during difficulties or hardship?

                        4.         Faith is certainly not inherited, but it is passed from one generation to another through the godly influence of parents and their teaching - II Timothy 3:14-15

IV.      The Privilege of Motherhood

            A.        The story is told of a mother of a large family of children who was remarkably successful in her training. Her secret? She gave herself. She said,

                        1.         “When my children were young I thought the very best thing I could do for them was to give them myself. So I spared no pains to talk with them to teach them, and be a loving mother to my children. I had to neglect my house many times. I had no time to indulge myself in many things which I should have liked to do. I was so busy adorning their minds and cultivating their hearts’ best affections, that I could not adorn their bodies in fine clothes through I kept them neat and comfortable at all times.

                        2.         “I have my reward now. My sons are ministers of the gospel, and my grown-up daughter is a lovely Christian woman. I have plenty of time now to rest, plenty of time to keep my house in perfect order, plenty of time to indulge myself in many ways, besides going about my Master’s business, whenever He has need of me. I have a thousand beautiful memories of their childhood to comfort me. Now that they have gone out into the world, I have the sweet consciousness of having done all I could do to make them ready for whatever work God calls them to do. I gave them the best I could, myself.”

            B.        King Lemuel wrote the famous Proverb 31 portraying the beauty of a good woman.

                        1.         She is trustworthy - Proverbs 31:11

                        2.         Strong in her convictions - Proverbs 31:17

                        3.         Soft and merciful. Caring for the less fortunate and demonstrating compassion - Proverbs 31:19-20

                        4.         She is optimistic - Proverbs 31:21

                        5.         She is strong and dignified - Proverbs 31:22, 25

                        6.         She is industrious - Proverbs 31:13-16, 24, 27

            C.        For all these things and more she had the unending praise of her family - Proverbs 31:28-31

            D.        Do we take for granted how hard it is to be a good mother?

                        1.          Making a good home is not just about cooking and cleaning

                        2.         This woman saw the privilege of caring for the family others

                        3.         There is joy in serving those you love.

                        4.         Do you see what that means? Motherhood is not some “second rate” choice of a woman. It’s a “first rate choice”!

                        5.         It is patterned like the Lord, who came not to be served but to serve - Matthew 20:28

                        6.         As with all Christian living, it’s about serving and finding privilege in doing it

            E.        Young people, when you get old enough to recognize your mother loved you enough to serve you, seeing it as a privilege to be there for you when you needed her, then you need to let her know how much you appreciated it what means to you because the payment for her work is praise from her family.

            F.        Parenting is a privilege that we should never take for granted.

                        1.         The privilege of teaching this child to walk, talk, think and believe in God and His word to direct our lives. What an awesome privilege, and a joyful opportunity it is.

                                    a.         Have you seen new parents buy their newborn son a ball and glove? The baby doesn’t understand, but mom and dad are looking forward to the future when they can share their knowledge and their fun with their boy.

                                    b.         Or, when they have a newborn girl, they buy a beautiful dress. Not that the baby cares, but they are anticipating the joy of parenting. Dad talks about how he’s not going to let her date until she’s thirty, and here she is not even a week old.

                        2.         Psalms 127:3-5 - Children are a gift from God

                        3.         But then life continues and the joy turns into drudgery. What causes us to start complaining when we began the process rejoicing? When did we start seeing it as a burden, rather than our opportunity, our privilege, and a God given blessing?

                                    a.         When was the last time you looked at your children and thanked God for the laughter He had brought into your home?

                                    b.         When was the last time you stood in the doorway of your child's room just to watch them sleep and thought of the joy that their life has brought to your soul?

                                    c.         When was the last time you saw the rich privilege and challenge of helping your children grow and develop?

                                    d.         We love our children and wouldn't trade them for anything so don’t lose sight of the blessing.

                                    e.         Parenthood is certainly a big responsibility and there are countless obligations, but we must never forget that it is a tremendous privilege.

            G.        Don’t let fear stifle you - Proverbs 3:5-6

                        1.          When you have that trust in God, then the reflection will always be seen in the home, and we will leave a godly heritage to our children.

V.        What are mothers are made of?

            A.        It’s not just the tender touch, the soft word spoken the gentle caress of her kisses,

            B.        But her willingness and persistence to teach - Proverbs 22:6

            C.        Wives and mothers, you are some of the most influential people in the world

            D.        It is the role God has placed for you in life.

Based on a lesson by Nathan Fritz

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