What about the claim that camels were not used during Abraham’s time?


All these links keep popping up on my Facebook feed due to atheistic friends. Could you explain this one to me as well? It's got me stumped, not enough to discredit the Bible or anything, but another to make me feel confused.  Carbon Dating on Camel Bones Contradicts Bible's Accuracy



The claim is that because they dated some camel bones to a time period after the Bible mentions camels being used as domestic beasts of burden; therefore, the claim is that Bible is wrong. But notice this is a claim based on a lack of evidence -- such does not constitute proof. They only know that camels were used in the ninth century B.C. They did not prove that camels were never used before this time.

See Camels and the Composition of Genesis where evidence is cited of camels being used in that region of the world prior to the time of Abraham.

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