Should I get married now or wait until I’m financially stable?


I am 21 years and have never been in a relationship before because I wanted to commit myself to achieve my objectives in life especially about having a solid financial and educational background. I took this decision because I come from a poor background and had always wished to come out from that situation before thinking of engaging in a relationship, but my fear is that I would end up involving myself with someone who is not a virgin and a well-mannered woman when I finally achieve my objectives. Looking at the trend of modernization and civilization these days, I don't believe I would get a virgin to marry when ready, so, please, I need your advice on whether to rush into a relationship now or wait until I'm ready because I'm being tempted by the saying that "keep them young and they shall be yours forever."

Thank you.


You are attempting to make decisions based on fears of what could be. If you desire to marry, there is no reason you have to wait until you are financially secure. It would make your life easier to be financially secure, but you can also obtain that state with a wife to help you reach your goals.

If you prefer to remain single for a while, that too is not a bad decision. You don't make choices based on what might possibly happen (or not happen) in the future. While there is no requirement for anyone to marry a virgin. Virginity does show dedication to living according to God's law that has been consistently applied throughout a person's life. But a lack of virginity doesn't necessarily indicate a person's current dedication to God.


Thank you for replying to me and I give thanks also to the Almighty for having used you to change the lives of people in accordance with His teachings. Please, keep up the good work because a lot of people, including me need you more than you could ever imagine.

Best regards.

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