To Whom Shall We Go?

Text: John 6:48-69


I.         When Jesus feed the 5,000, his popularity was at an all time high

            A.        Some of the people decided it was time to make Jesus their king - John 6:14-15

            B.        Jesus left because the people’s motivation was wrong. They were only thinking of the free food Jesus provided - John 6:26

                        1.         The proper emphasis should be on the spiritual, not the physical - John 6:27

                        2.         This is not to say physical labor is to be avoided - II Thessalonians 3:10-12

                        3.         Rather, Jesus is speaking of the relative priorities.

            C.        But notice that this implies gaining eternal life requires effort on our part - John 6:28-29

II.        Not everyone’s faith gained them eternal life

            A.        Some heard Jesus’ teaching and believed in him - John 8:28-32

                        1.         Yet, there were at least some among these believers who wanted Jesus dead - John 8:36-37

                        2.         They believed that Jesus was the Messiah, but it didn’t alter the course of their life.

                        3.         Jesus’ words caused belief, but it did not take up residency.

            B.        Others also believed, but would not admit it - John 12:42-43

                        1.         They feared the consequence of that belief. They feared what others would think of them.

                        2.         John 12:44-50

                                    a.         It was more than just believing in Jesus. It was the ability to believe in God, the Father.

                                    b.         Jesus was teaching God’s words. Again it comes down to accepting Jesus’ commands

                        3.         John 14:15 - A love of Jesus means keeping his commands

            C.        It is not simply claiming Jesus, but obeying him - Matthew 7:21

                        1.         This is why James said faith without works is dead - James 2:14-17, 26

                        2.         Here were people who believed and yet were not saved.

                        3.         By believing and obeying – truly receiving God’s words – our belief is not in vain - I Corinthians 15:1-2

III.       Jesus is the bread of life - John 6:47-51

            A.        Jesus came to feed us spiritually - Matthew 4:4

            B.        His teachings were amazing - Matthew 7:28-29

            C.        Just as he himself was fed - John 4:32

                        1.         What was that spiritual food? Obeying God - John 4:34

                        2.         He invites us to share in the harvest - John 4:35-36

            D.        You see, to eat this living bread – the word of God – we cannot just merely listen to it - James 1:22

            E.        By doing, Jesus words then will bring life - John 8:51

            F.        The answer to eternal life is in the words - John 6:63

                        1.         But words unused are worthless

IV.      Jesus didn’t solely offer words. He showed proof of their validity in the miracles that he preformed

            A.        The works bore witness - John 5:36

            B.        For some, the proof of the miracle did not make the proper impression; they focused solely on the result - John 6:26

            C.        For others the proof was ignored because they did not like where it led - John 5:37-40

                        1.         It should have impressed regardless of the consequence - John 10:37-38

                        2.         But look at the consequence - John 10:39

                        3.         Believe on account of the works - John 14:10-11

            D.        For some, the miracles did get the message across - John 3:2

V.        There is no other way, but through Jesus - John 14:6

            A.        In no one else is there salvation - Acts 4:10-12

            B.        But these words won’t do you much good unless you act upon them.

            C.        They offer eternal life, but you have to work at doing the things you believe are true.

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