Thank you for the tips on song leading


Thank you so much for the tips that you have displayed on the site about Song Leading in the Church.

I have been part of the church of Christ as far back as I can remember.  I am very thankful that my parents raised me in this church.

I was inspired by my late Grandfather to become a song leader.  I do not have a great voice at all, but knowing many of the songs, gives me enough courage to stand up before God and try and lead the congregation.  There have been many times that I feel demotivated as the singing in the church is not all as great as the church that I was raised in, but then I question myself rather as I have not had lessons but still want to glorify God in this way.

So the tips you gave were very pleasing and helpful.  Thank you to the person or team who put that together.


I'm glad the tips we teach our young men here have been useful to you also. Don't ever stop learning.

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