Thank you for posting such good material


I just wanted to thank you for your good materials posted on your web site. Your article answering the question, "May Christians serve as punitive agents, such as soldiers or policemen, for the civil government?" was most helpful to me. I hope that you will continue your good wok in posting these things to teach and instruct all in God's word. Again, thank you.

I was also wondering if you have all of your materials on a DVD that I could order. I think this would also be very helpful.

If I am ever in your area, I shall plan to visit with you.


I'm glad you're finding the material useful. I don't send out the material on DVD. Any DVD I make would quickly be out-of-date as I add several pages of material each day. The web site is basically a one-man effort, and I rather spend my time answering questions and finding more material to post than making copies.

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