Should I talk with a brother who is wearing a Masonic ring?


I noticed that a brother in Christ wore a Masonic ring. I mentioned it to one of the elders. We talked a short time and he agreed it's a religion. He did not ask, neither did I tell, who he was. Am I to talk with the brother or leave it alone?


It would be reasonable to speak to the brother. You have a concern, but you really don't know why he is wearing the ring. It could be an heirloom or a reminder of someone in his family. If he is a member of the Masons, it is very possible that he is unaware of the extent of their beliefs. Many Masons only see the Masonic Lodges as a social club and dismiss the religious elements. Until you have a friendly chat with this man, you will have no idea what you are dealing with or what aid might be needed.

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