Should I divorce my husband for gambling away our money?


I really need advice. My husband will not stop gambling no matter what I say. He gambles every single penny we have. He gambles every single day if he has the money. He will not pay any bills and all the income he gets goes toward gambling. He even takes our son, who is in his mid-twenties and has a heroin addiction, and he won't stop the drugs either. Do I have any grounds for divorce? I am scared for my future. I am nearly fifty years old and I have no job, no money, no insurance, and nothing saved because of my husband. He claims to be a Christian.

Please help me.


If your husband is a member of the church then you can go to the elders of the congregation for help regarding his gambling.

While I sympathize with your problems, I don't see how a divorce is going to solve them. If you get a divorce, you aren't going to get any support funds from him since he already doesn't pay his bills. Get a job and open your own account. Also, transfer funds to that account as you can so you can pay bills and buy food and clothing. Then if something happens to your husband, you will be in a better position to take care of yourself.


Thank you.

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