My husband doesn’t want more children


Hi Mr. Hamilton!

My husband told me more than once that we could have another child, but then he said he can't psychologically take on the responsibilities of having another child. I've openly and honestly told him why I would like another child and that it was hurtful for him to break a promise to me. Does God expect my husband to keep his word? Is my husband sinning against me for going back on his word? Will our union be blessed if I submit to my husband despite my disappointment in him breaking a promise to me?

I'm still young, and I love being a manager of my house. I don't want to support my husband's breaking of a promise, but I also want to obey God's command to submit to my own husband. Any advice on how to proceed?




The parenting of children is a joint effort between the wife and husband. If your husband doesn't think he currently can handle another child, then you need to show him respect by honoring that choice, even though you don't agree with that decision.

Yes, he is supposed to honor his word. I don't know all of the situation or why he changed his mind. That is between him and God. Your duties remain the same regardless. Thus, focus on what you can do instead of getting wrapped up in what can't be done. Who knows, he might change his mind in the future.


Amen. I appreciate you getting back to me with the answer I know is right. God bless you!

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