I was wondering what is appropriate attire for women? I find the Scriptures that others have used to support the skirt argument are somewhat unclear and haven't felt that they demand skirt wearing as a godly or correct choice. Please help me see the truth about skirts.


The Scriptures do set forth basic requirements for our attire: our clothing must cover our nakedness, men and women's clothing must be distinctive, and our clothing must be modest. However, there is no specific requirement for a particular style of clothing. If women must wear skirts and men must wear pants, then what did the poor people in the first century do when tunics, robes, and cloaks were in fashion?

I Timothy 2:9 we read, "In like manner also, that the women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing." The Greek word kosmois, translated here as "modest," refers to clothing that is neat, orderly, or appropriate to the occasion. In other words, showing up at a wedding looking like you are just about to clean the bathroom would not be "modest apparel." The Greek word sophrosune, translated here as "moderation," means that in selecting an outfit, a person is of sound mind, using self-control and good judgment, and is moderate. What is being asked of Christians is that we not stand out in a crowd because of our choice of attire. So long as current fashions match the standards of propriety set forth in the Scriptures, we adapt. We wouldn't be the trends setters in the group; in fact, as a rule, Christians will tend to dress a bit conservatively, but then we are not seeking attention because of our attire.

What is then appropriate for worship? What is currently considered neat and appropriate for attending worship services in the society where you live?

Fashions change, but the Bible presents a standard that remains fixed regardless of what is currently in fashion.

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