Just What Exactly Are the Standards?

by Terry Wane Benton

I got a notice from the powers that be that I would not be able to do anything for one hour because I did something (like publish a good post with biblical and godly standards) that did not comport with their “community standards.” They didn’t say exactly what I did wrong, but that had to be it because that was all I had done.

Biblical standards and worldly, immoral standards are poles apart. Jesus is the perfect standard, and His words will judge us all on the last day (John 12:48). Community standards that hate the light and love darkness will never be good standards to adopt. It seems that we have had a taste of the community standards that pushed for vaccines that were not proven and made bad guys out of those who questioned “the science” when there was no proven science.

The standards of a community that disapproves of the divine standard of the Bible is not a community that has a real standard except what it wants to make up and impose without good reason.

Freedom of religion is the American standard found in the Constitution. When a community standard seeks to silence the voice of religious conviction, it is a community that has set itself against the U.S. standard of freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The highest standard is God’s standard expressed in the Bible. This standard must trump all other standards. Under the highest standard is the community of Christians Who have a divine (God’s word) and a civil (the U.S. Constitution) standard that trumps the standard of a community that declares that they will not respect higher standards than the ones they make up.

While I do not know what “community standard” of a social media organization I violated because they did not specify, I know that the only thing I did was in agreement with the higher standard of God’s word and in harmony with the Constitutional standard of freedom of speech and freedom of religion, thus, if I must violate God’s standard and the standard of the U.S. Constitution, I suspect that I will be targeted for posting the higher truth of God’s word. We will start seeing more and more of the “community standard” of the social media apparatus trying to push out the Christians of such determined persuasion. The forces of darkness are clearly at work to silence the truth. That is a pretty sorry “standard.”

I will voice Peter's great words when the Sanhedrin counsel ordered that he cease preaching Jesus: “We must obey God rather than man!” (Acts 5:29). Should the community standard ever come to this crossroads with the Highest standard of God, I plan to keep a steady course with the Highest standard, God's word, the Truth. As the old children's song said, "I know the devil doesn't like it, but it's down in my heart to stay."

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