It Takes Effort

I.         How many of us truly enjoy working?

            A.        Many of us dream of times when we can take a moment off

            B.        Yet often extended idleness is grating

II.        In the beginning

            A.        Man has always had a job to do - Gen. 2:15

                        1.         Man initially was a gardener

            B.        But when sin entered the world, the light work that mankind was given became a serious effort for survival. - Gen. 3:17-19

            C.        I Thess 4:11 - We are commanded to work with our hands

            D.        Every man is expected to work for his living - II Thess. 3:6-11

III.       It is not just any old job. The Lord expects us to put effort into our labors.

            A.        Eccl. 9:10 - Work at whatever task with all our might

            B.        Col. 3:23 - Work as if God is our boss.

            C.        Eph. 6:5-8 - God will reward us according to our labors

            D.        Rom 12:11 - There should be no lack of diligence on our part

IV.      The dangers of laziness - Pr. 26:13-16

            A.        The lazy gives excuses (vs 13)

                        1.         It’s too dangerous - Pr. 22:13

                        2.         It’s too cold - Pr. 20:4

                        3.         There are times we will not get things accomplished despite our best efforts. However, we use interference as permission to not complete our work.

                        4.         Too many excuses are an irritant - Pr. 10:26

            B.        The lazy avoids getting started (vs 14)

                        1.         Learn from the ant - Pr. 6:6-11

            C.        The lazy is too lazy to help himself (vs 15)

                        1.         He would rather others care for him

                        2.         Pr. 24:30-24 - Laziness brings a person to poverty

                        3.         He wants things, but is unable to gain them - Pr. 13:4

                        4.         He wastes even the little that he does have - Pr. 18:9

            D.        The lazy thinks he is clever (vs 16)

                        1.         But is self-destruction clever? - Pr. 21:25

V.        Diligent effort is better

            A.        Hard work is noticed and rewarded - Pr. 22:29

            B.        Hard work causes you to appreciate what you have - Pr. 12:27

VI.      We have talked about work in general, but there is a specific work that each of us needs to be concerned with — Are we working out our salvation?

            A.        Are you being lazy, putting off any effort for as long as you can?

            B.        Are you offering excuse after excuse as to why you are not yet saved?

            C.        Do you think God is going to appreciate your cleverness come judgement day?

            D.        Some people are too lazy to help themselves, to their own destruction. What about you?

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