Is it wrong to date someone from the church you attend?


I have a question regarding church discipline. I attend a congregation where a brother has dated several sisters in the same congregation.  Also, some of them have left this congregation. Should I stay or look for another place of worship? Is this acceptable?

Thanks for your cooperation.


If I take your question exactly as presented, you did not state that this man did anything wrong. There is nothing wrong with dating. One would hope that fellow Christians would marry (I Peter 3:7), and that would mean they dated prior to marriage.

It seems you are hinting that this man is the reason the women left the church, but you did not so state what caused the women to decide to leave.


Thanks so much for responding.

The brother has been divorced and stated he can't marry. so I was concerned that he can't remarry. Why is he dating? I also tried to reach out to the women, but no response.


If a man cannot marry because he is still bound by the covenant he made to his first wife, then you are correct that he has no business dating women. This sort of problem should be addressed by the elders of the congregation or, lacking elders, by the men of the congregation.

While you suspect there that this man caused a problem that drove some women from the church, and you might be correct, but until there is solid evidence the congregation would not be able to do anything about the matter (Matthew 18:15-17). The requirement of multiple witnesses to establish truth remains.


Thanks again. I appreciate the website. It is very informative for those who are seeking the truth.

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