I Will Give Thanks to You Forever

by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Text: Psalms 30


I.         When nice things happen, we know we ought to be thankful

            A.        Yet, in our happiness we too often forget - Luke 17:12-19

            B.        However, in one of David’s Psalms, David contemplates other times we might not think of being thankful to God

II.        In the depths of despair - Psalms 30:1-3

            A.        David declares I will raise up or exalt God because He has lifted me up

            B.        David had become ill and he thought he was near death, but God healed him

            C.        God is the source of healing, not just of physical illnesses but spiritual ones as well - James 5:14-16

            D.        Once the storm is pass, do we remember to thank the One who brought deliverance?

III.       When I’m being punished - Psalms 30:4-5

            A.        David declares he will sing praises to the Lord

            B.        And he encourages all followers of God to do the same

            C.        After all, we all sin and as a result we are all chastened by God - Hebrews 12:5-7

            D.        But why should I appreciate being punished?

                        1.         Perhaps not at the time of the punishment, but the punishment doesn’t last forever - Psalms 30:5

                                    a.         “His anger is but for a moment”

                                    b.         “Weeping may last for the night”

                        2.         It is the change that I can appreciate - Hebrews 12:10-11

            E.        God is not like you and I.

                        1.         Sometimes we keep the fires of our anger burning.

                                    a.         It consumes our friendships.

                                    b.         We become the fuel and our own anger consumes us.

                        2.         We too need to learn to let things go - Ephesians 4:26

            F.        We can be thankful that God keeps us in line, improves us, but also releases us

            G.        And His favor lasts for a lifetime

                        1.         He will forgive and take us back - I John 1:9; Romans 3:26

IV.      When I get prideful - Psalms 30:6-9

            A.        Even when nothing is going wrong, there is the danger that I begin to think that it is because of my own accomplishments

                        1.         We only have what we have because God has supported us

            B.        There are times that God leaves the prideful to face life on his own in order to see just how much he needs his God.

            C.        Jesus’ parable of the rich man - Luke 12:15-21

                        1.         What profit is there in life if we are without God - Mark 8:34-37

                        2.         Life is for being thankful and praising God, as Hezekiah learned - Isaiah 38:18-20

            D.        May we have the humility to appreciate God’s blessings on us

V.        God cares about us so much - Psalms 30:10-12

            A.        He doesn’t leave us in despair, sin, or self-destructive pride

            B.        God is life-changing and for who He is, we offer our thanks to Him forever.

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