I want to move out but I’m scared to tell my parents


My parents are Christians and refuse to accept that drinking is wrong. I live with them and I want to leave because of this, but I’m terrified to tell them. I’m more than old enough, but they're my parents and I’m afraid they’ll make me lose my nerve and I’ll stay. I’m sick to my stomach thinking about this. I just need advice.


While everyone must eventually leave their parents' home (Genesis 2:24), your reason for leaving is a weak one. Leaving because you are mad at your parents might give you the motivation to consider moving out, but move out because you are ready to be an adult and accept full responsibility for yourself.

Thus, consider whether you have sufficient income to live on your own. Then locate a place that is affordable for you. Have someone you trust to go with you when you are looking to be a second set of eyes before selecting a place. A common rule is that the cost of your housing should be between 25 and 30 percent of your income. The lower the cost, the better because you are going to run into all sorts of unexpected expenses. You will also need to have saved up at least four times the cost of your housing to cover things like down payments, utilities, and a start on furnishings.

While you are living on your own, you need to keep an emergency fund that is equal to two times your housing cost. It is there for really important emergencies, such as your car breaking down. Eventually, you want to grow this fund to be equal to three to six months of expenses. This fund is used to cover you if you lose your job. You will then be able to survive for several months while looking for another job.

If you are eager to be fully responsible for yourself and you have made the proper preparations for being on your own, then locate a place to live and let everyone know the date you are moving out.

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