I have bumps on my genitals that are annoying


I have been sexually active for 7 years now with about 11 different women.  I am currently married and I stay active with my spouse. This problem slightly worries both my wife and myself.  I have had this problem before I was married.  I am worried about some of the growths that have formed on the bottom part of the shaft of my penis. A few years back, I noticed the little raised dark wart-like bumps formed. I questioned their appearance there but never really got an answer. Since then, the number of them has grown a little. I have a small section with about four tightly grouped together, then a couple here and there in the immediately surrounding area.  Also between the thigh and the scrotum. I believe I have skin tags based on previous questions you've answered.  I am worried because it is on one side of my penis on the bottom part of the shaft. They seem to keep coming. they start out skin color, then dark then resort after about a month or so back to skin color. However, they are raised and annoying.


The only reliable way to find out what you have is to go and see a dermatologist, who specializes in the skin. Skin tags stick out, but raised bumps with a rough surface is more likely to be genital warts. I found a page that has several pictures of genital warts on men of different skin tones, so you can get a rough idea about what genital warts look like. If they are genital warts, they need to be removed as they are associated with cancer later in life. Even if they are skin tags, a dermatologist can remove them for you so that they won't bother you.

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